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Maintenance and Management Support

Web Support for the life of your site! Do you need help on your website for updates and support? Continuous tweaking of your site needn’t be hard work. You just need a good back-up web designer to help.

Support for your website design and hosting should be easy if it’s put together properly in the first place. With Hostcat, you can rest easy knowing your website maintenance is in experienced hands. The latest technologies and knowledge to ensure your website keeps its relevance and is properly supported at all times. If you do run into problems I can make sure you get all the help you need. If it’s a web hosting issue or a problem with your website not caused by yourself then all support is free. For anything else such as updating your content please read through the details below.

Pay as You Go Website Content and Ammendments

All of my websites are built with wordpress and most of them now use the Divi builder to make things easier for customers to lay their pages out.

If you want to update your content and pages yourself there are a ton of easy to follow youtube videos available to help you understand both wordpress and the Divi builder. If you don’t have the time – and would prefer me to do it for you then I’m more than happy to do that.

The service is easy for people who need regular or irregular updates. You purchase website support ‘credits’ in advance and in hourly chunks at £20 per hour.

Every time you request support and need work done I will let you know how many minutes it will take, and upon completing each task will update your credit total and let you know when you’re out of credit.

The cost for support credit is £20 per hour and credits last for 12 months from the date of purchase. If you have a few quiet months, or a busy few, you needn’t worry with this package as it will keep your content updates and ammendments covered.

To give you an example, making an ammendment to a page, adding text, putting a blog post on or adding details to your directories will take roughly 10 to 15 minutes. Anything more complex or involved may take longer.

Buy Pay As You Go Credits

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

When I put your website together initially it is optimised for the search phrase you most wanted to be found for. I make recommendations and it’s your choice whether to follow that advice or not.

Many people are now coming to me asking for me to optimise every page of their site which is quite time consuming, but I can do that. I have a lot of years experience and use common sense approach and Google guidelines to the letter so it is done properly.

If your site is under 20 pages I can do all of the SEO on it for £120 in total.

If it is over 20 pages then I charge £200 in total.

I can’t gurantee you get to No.1 on Google, but if I optimise every page and you follow my recommendations to the letter you will stand more chance than with any of the so called seo experts out there.

Purchase SEO

Plugins and Add Ons

WordPress comes complete with thousands of plugins and add-ons that are freely available. That doesnt mean though that they are easy to use without some good knowledge of what they do and if they are compatible with other ones on your site.

If you want a chat plugin, ecommerce, directory or something similiar I will check it out and install the right one for you at a charge of £20. If its a premium plugin then I can direct you where to buy that as you must take out the license for it yourself. I will then install it for £20.

Each plugin is different and each needs updating from time to time. I will do all of that for you as and when it needs it, but if you want me to add products, look after the directory or ecommerce set up – then my hourly pay as you go rates will apply.

If it’s a plugin that I don’t advise you to install then I can’t take responsibility for any impact it has on your website. If you ring me we can chat about that further.

Plugin Installation

Hosting Support

The guarantee is 99.9% uptime which is as good as any company can offer. If you run into problems the response is quick.

I’ll talk you through any issues you have in language you understand. I was never good at techno babble and don’t expect you to be either. By using trusted hosting for your sites the amount of support you need with it should be minimal. All web hosting support is free.

E-Mail Addresses

All E-Mail support is free in regards to finding out what the problem is for you.

With regards to installing mail boxes on your phone or laptops however, all I can do is direct you to the appropriate guides as they are all different depending on make and provider. I will talk you through as best I can, but that is a complimentary service rather than a given right. There are too many variables and the help guides can give you far more information than I will be able to.

Online Training

Most customers are not based in Southampton so if they require training in using wordpress or the Divi builder we can only really do that via the phone

If you require training with me I will guide you through as much as I can in the time you have purchased. I have kept it at a minimum so again it’s just £20 per hour far less than is normally charged by either web designers or companies for their services.

Sort out how many hours you would like to purchase. We can do that in one go or over several days or even weekly. Once you have paid for the amount of hours you want then I will ring you to work out mutually convenient times for our training sessions.

Online Training

Hostcat Website Redesign

Now and then it’s always good to revamp and have your site redesigned. If you’re a Hostcat Website owner then it’s simple.

All you pay is 60 % of the original website cost whether it’s a standard, business or professional package. Each year there are new techniques, new styles to consider, and it’s important to make sure your website stays current.

Website Redesign

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