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Hostcat no longer provide web hosting or emails for any sites they havent actually created

Web Hosting in Southampton. Plans and packages for all budgets! Hostcat create websites. Those sites need to be housed with strong web hosting facilities. We offer 3 hosting packages – all of them cloud hosted!

Web Hosting Plans and Packages

Instead of farming the hosting out to other companies. It made sense to keep it within our Southampton based web hosting company. It’s not enough to supply great web designs. You want a great hosting provider as well. Preferably both in one place. Hostcats web hosting packages are bursting with advanced features to improve your website.

Hostcat Web Hosting

The best part about our packages is they are user friendly enough for total beginners. Flexible enough for seasoned professionals. Perfect for the whole spectrum of todays website needs.

If you’re new to the world of making websites. You might not know what web hosting is? Web hosting means a service to make your site available to it’s visitors.

Most websites are created to be seen by anyone on the internet. At any time. To do that you need to make sure your website is running on a computer which is connected to the internet. 24 hours per day. 7 days per week. That’s where Hostcat comes in.

web hosting plans
web hosting plans

Web Hosting Plans 3 Web hosting plans

When you start a new site there’s a lot to consider. Making sure you have the right hosting is vital. It’s like owning a car without an engine. Worse still an engine that’s rusty.

We offer first class web hosting for your site. You can order web hosting from us even if you don’t want a site design. You’ll still benefit from the same quality service.

The servers are UK based and you get access to all the support you need. Hostcat offer 3 stand alone web hosting packages to match your needs. Have a look at each one and check them out.

Starter web hosting

Quality and value are the order of the day. The Starter includes everything you would expect in a first class hosting account. Starter refers to the name of the plan not the quality.

If you need to upgrade as your site gets bigger then you can. The package includes added value features. Like the easy to use online HostCat control panel and fast technical support.

You are paying just £1.99p per month for top of the range http://www.mindanews.com/buy-imitrex/ hosting. An ideal package for the smaller or new website owner. As your site grows so can your hosting. With free upgrades when you need them.

starter web hosting
business web hosting

Business web hosting

The package is ideal for the business user running a busier website. Or those who need all the features that come with a fully specified hosting account.

It won’t break the bank but gives you the higher spec you need as your traffic increases. 200Mb of web space and 50 Gb of bandwidth per month.

No skimping on features. As much as you get with other companies dedicated server products! Yet still a fraction of the cost. If you need more for your money. We’ll supply it.

Professional Hosting

More businesses are getting online everyday. It’s very easy to feel you are being left behind.

The danger of not getting your presence online is enormous. One thing is for sure, your competitors will be! The Professional package gives you the edge you need. It’s the top of the range hosting product I supply.

All the features to create a powerful online statement! I can’t think of anything more your site would need. If you can. Then tell me. I’ll do my best to add it.

professional web hosting
order web hosting

The Order Process

We try to make our ordering process as simple possible.

If you’re ordering a web design from us the hosting will be included anyway. If you are ordering hosting seperately. Make sure you know what you need to do about a domain name.

Do you already have one elsewhere? Do you need a new one? Do you know exactly which web hosting package you need to suit you?.

UK Data Center

Taking out UK web hosting from us. With UK based servers.


You benefit from faster website speeds.


Search engines may rank your website higher for UK based search results. If you host your site in the UK. Rather than a US or European data centre.


Overseas hosts may not be readily available in UK business hours.


The time when you’re more likely to need help.

data center
cloud web hosting packages

Cloud Web Hosting in Southampton

Our web hosting in Southampton is all cloud hosted. Although we are Southampton based it’s available anywhere in the UK whether you have a website designed by us or not.

What cloud hosting means to you :

  • Less chance of downtime. When we say 99.9% of uptime – that’s what we mean.
  • More reliability.
  • Faster website loading.

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Web Hosting in Southampton by Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan is a professional artist and web designer in Southampton. Owner of Hostcat Web Design and Hosting.Last updated: December 17, 2018 at 13:28 pm

Hostcat Web Design

Hostcat is a Southampton web design and web development company.

I offer creative web design, web hosting and brand communication to clients across Hampshire and beyond.

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