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E-Commerce Web Design on the Isle of Wight. What is e-commerce? Ecommerce is short for electronic commerce. Which basically means buying and selling goods and services over the internet. Which is probably why you’re here.

I’ve worked with many ecommerce solutions over the years. If you need a shopping system on your site. You’re in the right place. I’ve got 2 e-commerce web design packages.

With those plans I can install most ecommerce solutions for your business. Have a look through the ones I recommend. Nothing is set in stone. I will look at your goods or services and see which is best. Most of the ones I use can be tailored to any site design.

E-Commerce Standard Design

Features you get with the Standard E-commerce Design.
  • Automated payment gateways set up so you can receive payments online.
  • Ecommerce CMS giving you total control.
  • Full web hosting and support.
  • Full ecommerce solution from design to build.

The standard is a great way to get your online selling off the ground. Especially if you’re new to ecommerce and want an income revenue from your website.

E-Commerce Standard
E-Commerce Professional

E-Commerce Professional Design

Extra features you get included with our design package.
  • Fully optimised shopping site for search engines.
  • Full product backend and management system.
  • Voucher code system. Cross selling.
  • Shopping site template built for your shop.

The professional will give you everything you need to make online selling successful. Whether it’s an online store that isn’t performing well and needs replacing. Alternatively a custom built new business that put you in full control.

Order your Ecommerce Design

Order your e-commerce shopping system. Installed with your hostcat web design.

You could be selling your services online quicker than you imagined.
Your shop could be setup and taking payments in less than a week

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E-Commerce Web Design by Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan is a professional artist and web designer in Southampton. Owner of Hostcat Web Design and Hosting.Last updated: December 20, 2023 at 13:02 pm