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Web Design Isle of Wight

I moved from Southampton to the Isle of Wight just over two years ago now. Not that my location matters as I work for people doing web design all over the world from my Newport office at PO30 5DF.

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Your Website on Google Page 1

Your Website on Google Page 1 Have decided to show just 100 of my customers websites who are on page 1 of Google for the search terms they specified. These sites work regionally - the first thing people type into Google search is a service then the region they are in....

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Web Design for Shopping Sites

Web Design for Shopping Sites Are you looking for a new retail shop web design for your ecommerce website. There is such a lot of competition now for online selling so you need a professional site to stand out and gain customers. Professional Ecommerce websites for...

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Web Design for Personal Trainers

Web Design for Personal Trainers Professional Web Designer for Personal Trainers I have been designing websites for personal trainers for many years. Most fitness trainers have their sites listed on many internet sites. However, they need their...

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Back Up Your Website

This is only for newer customers who are using 20i.com Web Hosting It's becoming more and more important to take regular back-ups of your website. If the site gets hacked - or is blown up for 101 reasons that it could happen - if you have no back-up of the...

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Website Design for Hypnotherapists

Hypnotherapy Websites for Professional Therapists If you are looking for a new website design for hypnotherapy or a redesign of your existing site then you are in the right place. Hostcat have created over 100 websites for professional hypnotherapists the past few...

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If You’re Going to Blog? Then Bloody Well Blog!

Customers who decide they want a blog So...you've got the new shiny website. You've maybe added 4 pages of small amounts of text. All of your colleagues and friends are telling you that you need a blog. They all blog on their sites. So of course you have to get a blog...

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Web Design for Counsellors

Website Design for Counsellors and Therapists We have had a growing number of counsellors and therapists as Hostcat customers recently. Whether it’s a counsellor working for themselves. A therapist setting up a new practise. An established psychotherapist...

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Mobile Site Design

Why Do You Need A Mobile Website Design? We only build responsive mobile site designs! By now everyone knows how important mobile browsing has become for business. It will become even more so in the immediate future. More people access the internet on...

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Online Marketing Your Website

  Online marketing strategies for your website Online Marketing your website business! It’s no use having a website that sits there doing nothing. That’s like having business cards and not giving them out. Action is needed to get the site marketed. When we market...

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Web Design for Builders

Web Design for Builders Hostcat are specialised in creating the perfect builders website designs. Whether you are a self employed builder or larger building company. We can create the right website for your building services. Web Designers for Builders and Building...

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Web Design for Architects

Website Design for Architects Hostcat are building a growing reputation for web design for architects in Southampton. Clean, fresh sites that showcase their services and projects to potential customers. If you're an architect or involved in architectural...

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Optimise Images for SEO

Correct Optimisation of Images for Search Engines. We are all obsessed as designers with search engine optimisation – to get your sites well placed in the rankings. Yet many people still don’t take the time to optimise images for SEO. It’s...

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Facebook Page Design

Facebook Page Design from Hostcat in Southampton If we’re designing your website for you. Then we’ll be discussing this with you anyway. If you need to set up a facebook page for your business and run it yourself. This is an introduction to what you need...

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Hotel Website Design

Web Designers for Hotels and Guest Houses in Southampton. Hostcat are designers of hotel and guest house websites. We create a hotel web design for our client that’s creative and produces results.

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Computer Graphics Artist

Computer Graphics Artist Chris Ryan Computer Graphics Artist at Probe Research! In 1987 I started work at a computer company Probe Research. Probe were located at Chilworth Research Centre in Southampton. I had never used a computer before that so was keen...

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Mural Painter in Bournemouth

Mural Painter or Michaelangelo? Mural Painter Chris Ryan! I’ve been commissioned to do a few murals over the years. I have to admit because of the time, and work involved - would rarely do another one. Unless I was very passionate about committing myself...

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Web Designer

I started working as a web designer by accident - it certainly wasn’t by design. I had worked as a computer graphics artist in the late 80′s so was familiar with graphics packages back then. I actually didn’t own or use a computer after that until the year...

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Portrait Artist

Portrait Artist in Southampton and Bournemouth The first time I ever painted a portrait was in 1982. I was having some problems with someone I had just split up with. I wanted to get out of Southampton for a while - funny how that figured a lot through my...

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Web Host

Web Host at Hostcat in Southampton I originally became involved with hosting in 2004. I was fed up of having my websites hosted with companies who were difficult to contact when I needed help. When I did make contact they spoke as if they were aliens. I...

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Cartoon Vector Illustration Using Illustrator

Step by step to creating a cartoon vector illustration using adobe illustrator. I’m not an expert in using adobe illustrator. Far from it. I would love to be but there just aren’t enough hours in the day for me anymore unfortunately. So when I can delve...

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Web Design Blog by Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan is a professional artist and web designer in Southampton. Owner of Hostcat Web Design and Hosting.Last updated: January 13, 2019 at 14:32 pm

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