Domain Name Registration

You Need A Domain Name

You need a domain name for your website. A Domain Name is just another way of saying – your website address (e.g.)Hostcat’s web address is www. hostcat

Domain name registration is easy with Hostcat! Give me a call on 01983 539638 to discuss the domain name(‘s) you want to register, transfer or point. I will go through the options with you and do the registration in your name. It will belong to you not to Hostcat Web Design.

Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Checklist

Hostcat can register any domain name if it is free and will check what is available for you while you are on the phone. If it’s easier I can phone you back.

Every domain name must be unique. There can be no two domains with the same address. That’s why it’s important to check the name you want for your website is free and available. Although no two web addresses can be the same, you can have a different extension (or ending). Such as www. hostcat, www. hostcat .com, www. hostcat. org etc.,

The extensions such as .com, etc are known as top level domains or TLDs. It’s possible to have different websites with the same domain name but different tlds owned by different people. This is why some businesses like to buy up all the tlds available for the website (domain name) they use. That way no other company or individual can have them.

Buying the different extensions attached to a domain can be very costly.

Domain Name Registration
What is a domain name registration?
A domain name is a way of remembering a web address. The domain name is your unique web address. It also gives a professional look to your company or organisation.

Anyone can register a domain name (e.g) with the ending .com,, .net etc.,

You need to register your domain name now before someone else does.

Hostcat aims to register your domain names for you as quickly as possible. Just ring us and we will get it sorted for you. We aim to register your chosen domain name ( etc.,). Providing it is free to register. Within 24 hours.

The easy way to make 100% sure the domain name(s) you want is free to register. Is by checking it in our search box at the design shop section.

We have created a list of some of the things to consider when registering a domain name.

Keep it short
Some domain names can be up to 63 characters. You have to keep in mind that people need to be able to remember it. Easily type it into their browser. Try to register the shortest name that your customers and visitors will associate with your Website. The general rule of thumb is, keep it under seven characters if possible. (Not including the suffix.)

There are many different extensions available right now. For businesses, we recommend a .com, or a

Register Your Domain
NOW You must register soon unless you want to get stuck with “”. You do not have to have a Webmaster or an ecommerce department or a Web design consultant … you don’t even need a Web page.

Just get out there and register before you lose the opportunity to get the name you really want.

One May Not Be Enough
Sometimes, it isn’t a bad idea to register several similar domain names, particularly if you own a trademark for a certain name. If you have “”, register “” so no one else takes it. You can register your full company name and a shorter, easier to remember version. Some people even register common misspellings of their company’s name. (You don’t need a separate Web page for each. Several domains can point to the same Website using domain name mappings.)
What do i get when i register a domain name with Hostcat?
The domain name you register will be registered in your name and will yours for however many years you register it for. Hostcat gives you a personal control panel to manage your domain, emails attached to the name. DNS management and full technical support.
How long does the registration take to complete?
All domain names take approximately 24 hours to go through from once they are registered – often sooner.
Do you need to point Name Servers?
Need to point your domain name at different nameservers? You get this flexibility. Also if you want to keep your domain names with your current registrar. Then it’s a simple matter to just point the domain to your hosting account with Hostcat. I can give you all the details you need in order to do this.

Pointing a domain name is only of concern to you if you already own a domain name Registered with a domain registrar or web host provider other than Hostcat web design.

You come to the Hostcat site and decide we are offering a better deal for you to host your website. It’s simple if you want to transfer the domain name you already own with the other provider, but maybe you want to keep the domain name with them. Just have your web hosting from Hostcat.

This is when pointing a domain to us is what you will need to do. We will guide you through this process. If you get stuck then give me a shout!

Very simply explained “Name Servers” or “DNS Servers” are the information that translates your domain name to the location of your website. For example when you type www.hostcat into your web browser (e.g.)internet explorer, firefox etc., the web browser needs to know the proper address for your site.

The web doesn’t actually use names for addresses (like hostcat etc even though it seems it does). Instead it uses a set of numbers known as IP addresses which look something like this What Name Servers do is to translate the domain name you type into the browser into the actual IP addresses which are used by machines and computers using the internet.

When you sign up with Hostcat for your web hosting (or any other web host) our Name Servers are configured to reveal your websites true IP address whenever there is a request for your domain name. So in order for your domain/website address to be found on the internet. You must be linked to your web hosts Name Servers.

Wow Im sure that sounds wayyyy too confusing! after all you arent on this site to listen to a long technical explanation for how things work. There is obviously a lot more to it than what we have written, but that at least gives you an idea of what things are needed for.

Most of this is all done automatically, all you have to do is follow what’s outlined below.

When you sign up for hosting with Hostcat I will email you a lot of information including the Name Servers details. Hostcat Name Servers are : | | |

You will need this information to change your Name Servers with your current provider.

Setting the Name Servers to ours
Now to start the process of pointing your domain. Make sure you have a note of our main servers | | | – then you need to go to your current domain name registrars website and log into your account with them. You will need the login details and password you were given when you first registered with them.

When you’ve logged in you need to look for the option for changing or setting the domains name servers. There is no set pattern, every single provider has a different set up and layout so there’s no way to tell you exactly what to “press” to do this.

Look for : a “My Domain” page, “Domain Manager” “Domain Control Panel” or something similiar.

Once you are in the right place select the domain name whose settings you want to change. Some registrars will have an appropriately named link such as “manage DNS” “DNS settings”. When you are on the right screen you should see something like a list with “Primary Name Server” “Secondary Name Server” sometimes a 3rd, 4th or 5th option. The wordiing may vary but basically it’s listing the servers.

In the Primary Name Server box you place the first of our name servers and the into the Secondary Server box. into the 3rd and into the 4th.

If you get completely lost on their site. Don’t panic. You can either mail them to find where their “Change Name Servers” page is located. Or contact me and I will login on your behalf and get them changed for you.

Once the Name Servers are set. That’s all there is to it. It may take a short while for the settings to take and show up. Basically it’s job done. Your domain name will be pointed to your hosting with Hostcat.

Your Hostcat Domain Name Control Panel

These are some of the features you get with your Hostcat domain name control panel

Change your Name Servers
Need to point your domain name to different name servers? This feature allows you to do this yourself easily.
Easily Change Domain Contact Information
This feature allows you to update owner, admin, billing and technical contact details for a domain name.
Full DNS Management
This feature allows you to update owner, admin, billing and technical contact details for a domain name.
Nominet Whois Opt Out
Nominet Whois Opt Out

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