If You’re Going to Blog? Then Bloody Well Blog!

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Wordpress

Customers who decide they want a blog

So…you’ve got the new shiny website. You’ve maybe added 4 pages of small amounts of text.

All of your colleagues and friends are telling you that you need a blog. They all blog on their sites. So of course you have to get a blog on yours.

If you were so full of ideas for your website, and you wanted it to be informative. Why didn’t you fill the site with your interesting topics connected to your subject before you needed the newest accessory for website owners – the Blog?

if youre going to blog

Don’t neglect your pages

People often neglect content/pages on their website or…once they’ve finished several sentences they think they have it covered and don’t have to bother again with those particular pages.

Wrong, Google loves content we all know that. Google also loves content that grows…and changes. Don’t neglect your pages or ignore them until they are full of the interesting additions you can use to really make them informative. Once you’ve done that or at least have a handle on them…then by all means blog away.

The best thing about a wordpress site is that it makes blogging easy. It should that’s what it was originally designed for. If you’re going to blog then check out the millions of easy to follow articles by searching in Google on using a WordPress blog.

To blog or not to blog

Categorise your posts, don’t lump them all together in the standard “uncategorised” category. If your site is about Sweets, then make sure your blog has categories like humbugs, liquorice etc etc and then blog.

I don’t get a lot of time to add new blog posts to my own site, but what I do is to keep them categorised in subjects that fit my website. Once your post is finished, just like with your pages…after several months go back to them and add some more. Let Google see what an active website you have.

Learn how to lay them out in WordPress. How to align images to the left or right of your text. Don’t just throw them together. Posts may seem like your personal diary but they aren’t. The biggest cardinal sin of having a blog collecting cobwebs on your website is to do a couple and then not continue. Blog posts if done properly and religiously will give your website new and continued rich sources of content. Google will show it’s appreciation as well.

Either blog…or don’t blog, but don’t do it in a half arsed way like it’s a chore. If you’re going to blog? then bloody well blog! Use it as a tool for your websites success…but, after you actually have some content rich pages. Forget plugins, blog posts, twitter feeds into your site…until you have a website worthy of those latest accessories. In fact don’t even think about having twitter or facebook feeds onto your website pages, but that’s something I will get around to blogging about another day 😉

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If You’re Going to Blog? Then Bloody Well Blog! by Chris Ryan
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