SEO Mistakes in Web Design

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Fixing the design mistakes and avoiding them.

Everyone makes mistakes when they design a website. It’s impossible not to unless you’re superman. You can read every new SEO practise going. Then still forget to use them on your pages.

The search engines aren’t looking for perfect optimisation – in fact they are suspicious of that. Nevertheless some seo mistakes in web design need to be avoided at all costs

Worse still is to adopt one of the half baked seo theories on a quick fix and fail miserably.

Don’t Make the Same SEO Mistakes Twice

1.Duplicating your content

If you use wordpress for your site if you aren’t careful you end up with duplicate content all over the place.

Google give plenty of warnings about duplicated content yet many wordpress users carry on doing it then wonder why their website disappears off the rankings. By it’s nature wordpress will duplicate.

You have categories, tags, cloud tags, and a million other archive storing items. If used properly it can be great. If you use those things with no thought to what you are creating – it’s a big mistake. If your site’s navigation is laid out well then your user can find whatever they need to find.  Or that you need them to find. You may think you are doing well in having all those extra pages – but if they are full of snippets of the same content – you aren’t.

Do you need tags? They can be useful. but only if they REALLY are useful to your visitors.  Use them sparingly and make sure they are relevant.  Related posts? date archives? again – only if they are essential to your site visitors. If you don’t need them ditch them.

What’s even worse than loading your site with these often unnecessary extras is not changing the content and descriptions that the search engines read. All they see is “duplicated content” – seo mistake big time! To fix it is easy. Take a look at your site as if you are a third party. If it isn’t vital – get rid of it.  Clearly laid out categories, pages and navigation will take care of most of what you actually need. The rest is spammy.

2.Missing alt tags on images

SEO mistake No.2. There is absolutely no need to miss the alt tags off your images in your posts and pages with wordpress.

Everytime you upload an image into the media library it takes 2 seconds just to fill in the title, alt tag and maybe description. Is it important? Yes. Is it a waste of time? Not at all.

Now Google is setting great store on their image search. To be honest I don’t agree with their image search as it seems a way to keep visitors on their pages…rather than going to yours. That’s a different topic though, and as they monopolise what we do we have to work within their boundaries. Unless we are getting thousands of visitors anyway – in which case who cares about seo mistakes?

The alt tags give you another chance to push your keywords and phrases. Another chance to pick up some extra visitors for selected words you use. Don’t just stuff them repeatedly with keywords and don’t use the same ones over and over.

If alt tags are missing. Easily fixed by using the media library in wordpress to do some adding. Yes it’s a bit more work, but one of the seo mistakes in web design that’s easily remedied.

3.Length of the content – SEO mistakes?

Length of the content is something that is debated over and over by webmasters.

It’s more difficult to say exactly how much you should add or shouldn’t. We do know for definite however, that content – well written content is and always will be King. A good rule is to always allow for a minimum of 300 words at the least.

Something that has been proven though is by webmasters studying key word research. In the top 10 of sites that rank high in all areas of keywords – the average webpage content has been 2,000 words. That may seem an impossible task to some. Especially those who blog new articles every day, but if it’s well written content it’s something to strive for.

So not neccessarily one of the seo mistakes, but strive for a good amount of well written content on every page you produce.

4.Too much social media leakage

Are you streaming twitter feeds? Facebook posts? Have like buttons…tweet buttons, every concievable social media button and feed on your site.

On every post? Then you are leaking your page value way out of proportion. Yes you need a social media presnce…the bigger the better. You don’t need to link back and forth  from every nook and cranny of your site and then undermine your own web pages in the process.

I use a facebook box on pages on this site where it shows 12 facebook fans of the hostcat site. To be honest am even debateing that as that is 12 links from my page going to personal pages on facebook.  Limit the social media linkage you do. You are using up your own page rank lifeblood.

Keep checking back as we will be adding more seo mistakes over the course of time. It changes constantly these days and the seo mistakes of today could easily be different tomorrow. Saying that –  if you follow good practices then you can’t go far wrong. Follow the basics, much of which is common sense.

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SEO Mistakes in Web Design by Chris Ryan

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