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Online marketing strategies for your website

Online Marketing your website business! It’s no use having a website that sits there doing nothing. That’s like having business cards and not giving them out.

Action is needed to get the site marketed. When we market your business online we focus on the content. Good content on your site gives potential clients good value. Deliver value and you make the most of every visitor. We’ll help you get your business plan and marketing message firmly set.

Hostcat in Southampton create clear strategies to get your website out there. Focus on content. Business plan and marketing strategy. Social media marketing and participation. Correct use of SEO. Making the most of the search engines. Topped up with statistics and analysis every step of the way.

Search engine optimisation

The customer you want on your business website is the one who’s looking for you already! They do that through the search engines.
Your site needs to be ranked and visible. We’ve got years of experience in search engine optimisation and it’s all part of our online marketing strategy.

Don’t think SEO is a quick marketing fix though. It isn’t. It takes time to get results. Done properly it increases your sites visibility. Increases the amount of traffic to your site. Increases the enquiries you get.

We can’t promise to get you to No.1. No-one can. We can promise to make you visible though.

Social media marketing

Maximise your presence on social media networks to drive traffic to your website.
Raising your profile as well as your ranking. Wherever your potential customers are – that’s where you need to be seen. Twitter, linked in, Google Plus and more. As many as your resources allow. You can cross link between the sites to get your message across and business noticed.

It’s no different than any other business. You need constant exposure. Putting yourself in front of people. Making sure they are the right people. With the major presence social media sites have in our lives now – there’s no better place to show what you offer.

Website statistics

Who are your site visitors? Where do they come from?
Which search engines do they use? Which “keywords” do they type in to find you? As part of the online marketing of your site we will give you those answers.

As our sites are usually wordpress built. There’s a lot of website statistic add-ons we can include for you. They sit in your admin panel so you can check who your visitors are at anytime.

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Online Marketing Your Website by Chris Ryan
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