Facebook Page Design

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Facebook Page Design

Facebook Page Design from Hostcat in Southampton

If we’re designing your website for you. Then we’ll be discussing this with you anyway. If you need to set up a facebook page for your business and run it yourself. This is an introduction to what you need to do for your facebook page design.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your business  page. It gives you a great foundation with the search engines. Especially Google. Your facebook page design is an important factor.

Get A Facebook Business Page Started

Facebook Personal Page

Facebook Business Page

First things first. If you already have a facebook personal account – great. If you don’t then you need to open one. Start the account as a personal account as there are too many limitations on a business account.

Don’t worry if you aren’t a facebook type person. You don’t have to use the personal page to add millions of your mates. You just need it to get the business page going.

Log in or fill in your details to open an account at facebook.com

Once you are set up with a personal page. You can create the business page. First go to facebook.com/pages/create.php. Choose which one fits your business best from the main categories. Once you’ve done that choose a sub category from the drop down menu.

Business Page Name

Facebook Page Name

There is a box for you to fill in the name of the page. Give this some thought. The name can be changed if you’re not happy with it up until the point when you have over 200 “likes”. A check will be made to see if the name is available. It isn’t always. So you may need to add something else.

We couldn’t get Hostcat for ourselves as it was already taken. So we settled for Hostcat.2013. You could actually use a keyword that you want your business found for. For example we could have chosen. Hostcat.Web.design.

You get a maximum of 70 letters for the title of the page. It will become part of your facebook address for business.

Click the box agreeing to facebook’s terms and conditions. You’re ready to start adding to and creating your page.

Profile Picture

Facebook Profile Image

Let’s start getting the Facebook page design in place. On the main business page there is a box with a flag icon in it. This is where your profile picture will go.

It’s not just the logo on your page. It also gets added as a tiny thumbnail to everything you post or comment to on another person/business page.

If the image you add to this box is the wrong size it can appear blurry or out of focus. The perfect size for the image is actually 180 pixels x 180 pixels. You can upload an image. Then use facebooks editing options to trim and crop your image to fit the box. If you can upload an image already at the right size then so much the better. To change the image at anytime. Hover over it with the mouse, click on edit and follow the options outlined.

Add Your Information

Now the profile image is in place. We can go on with the facebook page design. Go to the about section. Important to remember is that the about page is indexed in Google so you have a chance to make sure it says what you want it to say about your business.

Make sure it is descriptive and rich with keywords. You get approx 155 letters or characters so make them count.

If you’ve gota website. Link to it in this description. You want your website found and this is the ideal opportunity to plug it. You also get an option to link to another page. So if you have a twitter account this may be useful. Finally click to state that you are in fact a real business. This completes your initial set-up of the facebook page design and layout.

Facebook Page Design – Cover Photo

Facebook Cover Image

Next facebook will prompt you to “like” your own page. Do it as hopefully it will be the first of many. The more “likes” your page gets the better. Next you get prompted to invite your email contacts to like your page. You can skip that part for now.

When you’re ready it’s much better to compose and send your own email message about the page. Much more personal and likely to get the right response.

You will then be prompted to share something or post on your page. Skip that for now until you are ready to add some good posts on your business and services.

Now we add the cover photo. This is the main visual in your facebook page design so choose it well. The best sized image to upload for the space is 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels. If you dont stick at that size some area at the top and bottom will be hidden. Facebook also have a 20% text rule – so if you are adding text on the image it needs to be under that amount.

Facebook Business Page – Ready to Go

All that’s left to do to initially is to start adding more information to your about section. Maybe get your first post up. You can now start planning on your strategy for gaining page “likes” and marketing your facebook business page design and account.

We will cover that in another post as it’s a lot more involved if you are going to do it right and create a successful facebook campaign.

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Facebook Page Design by Chris Ryan
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