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Why Do You Need A Mobile Website Design?

We only build responsive mobile site designs! By now everyone knows how important mobile browsing has become for business. It will become even more so in the immediate future. More people access the internet on smart phones than they do by pc. I don’t and never will unless it’s an emergency. But I’m in the ever growing minority.

Increase Your Online Business

I can’t stress enough how important it is that your website is adapted for mobile users. You can no longer settle for a website that looks good on a pc. All you’re doing is reducing your chances to increase your online business.

Google and the major search engines recommend responsive websites. Which means they adapt to whatever device they are viewed on. All new Hostcat websites are built using responsive mobile site design.

You can choose to go for just a mobile site if you don’t want your desktop one altered. It’s a seperate mobile website that’s linked from your standard site. Hostcat in Southampton are mobile web designers in the real sense. I will build the site you prefer. If you are bewildered by the advantages of having a responsive site. I can talk you through them.

Mobile Design

web and mobile

More people use mobile phones to access the internet and the number is set to take over from the desktop user.

If you don’t get your site adapted to a mobile website design you will be left behind.

A well designed mobile site is just a condensed form of your desktop one making better use of the smaller display.

In 2013 it’s vital that you ensure your site is designed for both the desktop and mobile browser.

Responsive Design

responsive websites

It’s no longer enough to have a website that displays on a pc. Your customers are accessing the site from a wide range of devices.

It needs to be a responsive site.

This means it will resize the content of your pages and even create smaller images for users of mobile phones. It can also hide content from mobile users that might look good on pc but won’t on a smaller device.


adaptive or responsive

If you prefer an adaptive site rather than responsive. We can do that. Adaptive means we design it with the mobile user in mind first.

The short definition is the design will change to fit a series of screen sizes and devices.

Things like touch screen are taken into account. Designed small then elements for the larger device added after. Rather than the other way round.

Adaptive or responsive is something we can talk about. We take into account what’s best for your users.

Web design pricing


Pricing is fair and changes to the work involved. This can be discussed according to your budget.

I can say you will get more for your money than you would through most other web and mobile design companies. Go to begin your web and mobile design project now and I will get back to you straight away!

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Mobile Site Design by Chris Ryan
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