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A Full Range of Design Services and Add-Ons

Web Design services to give you the site you need! At Hostcat in Southampton you get a complete range for every apsect of your website. complete as possible. I don’t do tattooing ;) . Well not yet anyway. The aim is to help you maximise your investment. Put together in one complete package. Everything is covered from online marketing to facebook page planning and creation. You get the site designed and hosted. Fed and watered if neccessary to make it grow.

Though based in Southampton – locale isn’t an issue. Thanks to the internet. Whether you’re a tea exporter in Bombay or a buddhist retreat in Milton Keynes. Hostcat design services will add to your business.

branding your design


What is a brand? A brand is simply a symbol. Everything from logo to colours.

The website is the vehicle. The branding is the nuts and bolts. It’s what makes your business stand out. My design services will brand your business to your website.

Brands help you win customers. More importantly help you keep them. A good brand is the part of the design services that deliver your message clearly. Help me to get to know the needs and wants of your potential customers and prospects.

Give me that information and I can burn the brand at the right temperature.


CMS means content management systems. I specialise in cms websites. A wordpress or drupal run site give you the control over your own site.

All my new sites are built with cms as standard.Using CMS as part of our design services means you can create and manage a site rich with features.

Adding and updating more content easily when it’s needed.

wordpress cms installation
copywriting for websites


The correct text is vital to getting your business seen by the search engines.

As well as keeping your potential customers coming back.

Good copywriting isn’t just about the number of words on a page.

Organisation of the text is the key. Clear and concise. Divided into well ordered chunks. We use the Flesche reading ease test among others to improve your site readability.


Advising you on how many visitors are going to your site.Where they come from. How they got there.

Which search engines they used. Did they click on a link to get to your site? Are they from a facebook page? Reports on how you use keywords on your site. Are they the right ones.

Web analytics and statistics are just part of what we will do to improve your site.

analytics for your website
choosing a domain


I provide a complete range of domain name services. Controlling all aspects of your domain name management.

Whether it’s a new name for your site or an existing one you already own.

Acquiring a domain name for you from scratch. Registering, transferring or pointing it to Hostcat servers. All managed from the Hostcat domain control panel.

I can register any domain name for you.

Search Engine Optimisation

Well planned optimisation of your site. Both the onpage optimisation. How search friendly is your website. Plus the offpgage optimisation.

How the site fares with social media networks and linkbuilding.No planning is complete without it.

At the end of the day the important thing is to get you found. Getting the best placements with all the major search engines from Google to Yahoo. Not just randomly found but by prospects looking for your services.

search engine optimisation
facebook pages


Having a facebook business page is vital to help your search engine rankings. I can handle it all from design to admin.

Use my design services to boost your facebook campaign.

I can add gated content and tactics to capture “likes” and build you a solid fan base for your site.

You don’t need deep pockets to run a successful facebook campaign.


Custom twitter page design services and integrating your twitter page with your website.

Set up and maintain your account.

Display selected tweets directly into your site pages.

Encourage other users to follow your website and get your brand known.

I will have you chirping in no time.

twitter design services

Wide range of add-ons for your website

Image Gallery | Sliders | Cloud | Maps | Calendars | Scrollers | Logo Design | Live Chat | Links Directory | Newsletters | Mail Boxes | Website Builder Software | Payment Gateways | E-Mail SMS Notifications | Customer Sign Ups | E-Mail Addresses

Industries I’ve created websites for

I’m not confined to the industries below.

These are just a selection who have used our design services in Southampton.

Recruitment | Charity | Hotels | Restaurants | Nightclubs | Bars and Pubs | Construction | Healthcare | Real Estate | Car Hire | Art | Photography | Crafts | Gifts | Shopping | Travel | Technology | Sports | Business | Finance

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Design Services in Southampton by Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan is a professional artist and web designer in Southampton. Owner of Hostcat Web Design and Hosting.Last updated: May 19, 2018 at 21:58 pm

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Hostcat is a Southampton web design and web development company.

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