Your Website on Google Page 1

Have decided to show just 100 of my customers websites who are on page 1 of Google for the search terms they specified. These sites work regionally – the first thing people type into Google search is a service then the region they are in. Not many will type the county but they will type the town.

Your Website on Google Page 1

Don’t listen to expensive SEO experts

So if they want a hairdresser in Reading – that’s exactly what they will type in. Concentrate on your location first and foremost….once you are picked up by Google for that much – then the rest will follow if your text is right. SEO experts will charge you huge amounts for the privilege.

At the end of the day ranking highly in Google is mostly a matter of common sense. It’s a machine…it reads a page and decides why your site should rank higher than someone elses. This is almost 100% down to the text on your page. Yes we can do other bits but as it has always been since day 1 – it’s about your text content. About it being laid out correctly in ordered chunks.

I am happy to talk about this with you as it’s far from straight forward, but if your front page is titled Welcome to my website – you have practically zero chance of getting on page 1.

These are websites that I’ve built that are actually on page 1 in their areas and what they are ranking for.

1. Hostcat Web Design

Page 1 for web design in southampton – web designer in southampton

2. Michaela Hypnotherapy

Page 1 for hypnotherapy in southampton – hypnotherapist in southampton

3. Lorraine Gleeson

Page 1 for hypnotherapy in Portsmouth – hypnotherapist in Portsmouth

4. Top Mortgages

Page 1 for mortgages in Southampton

5. Hypnotherapy London

Page 1 hypnotherapist in Harley Street

6. Fab Body Fitness

Page 1 personal trainer Fareham

7. Art and Murals

Page 1 powertex in Southampton

8. Fareham Counselling Centre

Page 1 counselling in Fareham

9. Craftworx Carpentry

Page 1 carpentry in Lymington

10. Ciao Belli

Page 1 Italian restaurant Lymington

11. Emelie Molin

Page 1 personal trainer Bournemouth

12. Joe Hopkins

Page 1 personal trainer in Portsmouth

13. Karen April Mills

Page 1 hypnotherapy Sheffield

14. Momento Brasserie

Page 1 wine bar Southampton

15. Davina Hairdressing

Page 1 mobile hairdresser Southampton

16. All Sounds Disco

Page 1 disco Basingstoke

17. Southampton Guitar Academy

Page 1 guitar lessons Southampton

18. Susie France Counselling

Page 1 counselling in Whiteley

19. Hevans Therapy

Page 1 hypnotherapy in Sandhurst

20. Diane Stainton Counselling

Page 1 counselling in Goring By Sea

21. Good Knight Environmental

Page 1 pest control Isle of Wight

22. Web Designer Isle of Wight

Page 1 web designer Isle of Wight

23. Isle of Wight Interior Design

Page 1 interior design Isle of Wight

24. Me Time Hypnotherapy

Page 1 hypnotherapy Isle of Wight

25. Handyman IOW

Page 1 handyman Isle of Wight

26. Easy Bin Rubbish Removals

Page 1 rubbish removals Southampton

27. Sterling Gardens

Page 1 New Forest gardeners

28. Mark Lloyd Carpentry

Page 1 carpenter in Southampton

29. Southern Gasmaster

Page 1 gas saftey checks Southampton

30. MW Carpentry

Page 1 carpentry in Havant

31. Villas for 2

Page 1 villas Abruzzo

32. Holbury B&B

Page 1 Holbury bed and breakfeast

33. Venture Motorcycles

Page 1 motorcycles in Southampton

34. Wessex Tyres

Page 1 tyres in bursledon

35. Varley Red Top

Page 1 batteries for Motorsport

36. Bacchus Yachting

Page 1 Solent RYA training Centre

37. Sports Nets

Page 1 sport netting Hampshire

38. Makes a Difference

Page 1 hypnotherapist in Andover

39. Hants Hypno

Page 1 hypnotherapy in Fareham

40. Breaking Free

Page 1 hypnotherapy in Fareham

41. Mind Matters Hypnotherapy

Page 1 hypnotherapy in Perth

42. Michael Pulman

Page 1 hypnotherapist Lichfield

43. Lynda Roberts

Page 1 hypnotherapy in Ramsey

44. Jane de Beers

Page 1 hypnotherapy in Paris

45. Xeni Inglis

Page 1 Farnham Hypnotherapist

46. Beth Johnson

Page 1 Surrey Hypnotherapist

47. Peace of Mind Hypnotherapy

Page 1 Hypnotherapist in Elland

48. Kathleen Phythian

Page 1 Hypnotherapy Liverpool

49. JW Hypnotherapy

Page 1 Hypnotherapist in Petersfield

50. Margi Green

Page 1 Hypnotherapist in Fareham

51. KICH School of Clinical Hypnosis

Page 1 Hypnotherapy Training in Kent

52. Insight Hypnotherapy

Page 1 Hypnotherapist in Horndean

53. Margaret Wheeler

Page 1 Therapy in Emsworth

54. Hana Hypnotherapy

Page 1 Hypnotherapy Southampton

55. Anne Wall

Page 1 Hypnotherapy in Sheffield

56. Life’s Compass

Page 1 Hypnotherapy in Locks Heath

57. Hypnotherapy Works Hampshire

Page 1 Hypnotherapy in Fareham

58. A Shining Light

Page 1 Hypnotherapist lee on the solent

59. Life Clinics

Page 1 Hypnotherapy Training in Kent

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Your Website on Google Page 1 by Chris Ryan
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