Transferring Your Website from Vistaprint

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These are the steps you need to follow to transfer your domain name / website from Vistaprint to Hostcat. It is actually quite painless.

1) Sign up for your account with Hostcat and we will set a domain name reference for your domain. Call us and we can do this for you at 01983 539638

You need the domain name reference and temporary website set up before you can transfer from Vistaprint.

2) Okay now you just need to contact Vistaprint and finish things off with them.

You can call Vistaprint on: +44 8004 960350

or use their online chat or contact details at

(NOTE: You’ll need to login to your account, and enter in your account number when prompted on their customer service line – you’ll probably have an email record of this somewhere, so search your email inbox for the Vistaprint login details)

Once you are speaking with a customer service representative there. Tell them that you want to have your domain transferred over to a new domain registrar, as you are getting a new website done from a different designer. (if they need to know which domain registrar, tell them it’s Hostcat Web Design, and if they ask for something called an IPS tag, give them the tag: EXTEND – they most probably won’t ask for either of these things)

At this point, they will tell you that there is a one time fee for the release of the domain, and you will need to pay the release fee of £11 (cost at the time of writing)

Once you agree to that, basically you will just need to add that to your account’s shopping cart (they may process the order for you) and purchase the domain for transfer.

Once that’s done, you should receive an email from Vistaprint with the details of your newly released domain name. You’ll need to forward this email to us at the following email address (again, make sure to have your business name clearly typed in the email description, so we know who’s account it’s for)

Send it to

Once these steps are all done, please let me know (by emailing me at my email address) and we can take it from there. Once those things are all done, your website can be up and running within 24-48 hours in the majority of cases, but we like to say that it will definitely be up and running within 1 working week from the date you have completed the above steps, just to be safe 🙂

Thanks for following those steps, we’ll have your new site up and running in no time!

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Transferring Your Website from Vistaprint by Chris Ryan
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