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Finding the right images

One of the hardest parts of putting together content is finding free images for your website.

There are plenty of photo libraries and image sources that will charge you. The problem is that not everyone has the budget to be able to afford them. It’s also unlikely that you will have good sized images of your own to pad your site out.

free images for your website

Finding the sources

Luckily because I was adept at using photoshop and various graphics packages I was always able to put together images, icons and graphics of my own, but not everyone has that luxury.

If you don’t and you also don’t have the budget to buy ready to use photographs or images – then luckily there are a growing number of sources that you can get free images for your website from. They will really enhance your site and particularly if you need an image for your blog posts. Whatever you do don’t just take images from the internet that may be subject to copyright, as that can get you in a whole lot of trouble.

These days with the amount of free imagery available there isn’t any reason to. It just requires a bit of effort on your part.

I am going to start including the sites offering free images, mainly for my web design clients, but also for anyone who has a website and doesn’t know where to look.


The Pexels site has rapidly become one of my favourite first port of calls when gathering images for a new project.

You can check them out at They only had a few images/photos when they first started, but they are now at the rate of adding 10 new photos daily, so there is a vast library that is growing all the time. Everything is divided into categories, so easy to search as well as typing in specific things you are looking for and seeing what they have.

When you are ready to make your choice they have a download button so you can download to your pc, and choose the right size from their drop down. Go for the highest size if you are going to use a full width image, plus it will have a better quality when you reduce it in size to go on your site.



There are some truly lovely images on this site at Unsplash and again they are all royalty free.

Take a look through this growing library of photos by visiting their site at To download – once you select an image you will see a download button at the bottom. Click on that and it will take you to a page with the image on. The simplest way is to right click your mouse and select save as…save it to your pc and don’t forget to give it a file name when you save.

Some of the images are pretty big so you may need to reduce them in size. Or if they are going into a project I am doing for you I can do that for you. There are many other free sites, the best way to find them is to google them, but I will be adding to this page with new sites as they come along so keep checking back.


Other Good Sites for Free Images

Will start to add any good new sites I find below.



Pikwizard is a new addition to the list and it appears as though the site was launched very recently. The one thing about Pikwizard that stood out to me, is the number of images that include people and close ups of models. Most of the free stock photo sites tend to lack these kind of images, so I’m happy to have found this one, because it will give me a lot more options when designing websites.

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