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This is only for newer customers who are using Web Hosting

It’s becoming more and more important to take regular back-ups of your website. If the site gets hacked – or is blown up for 101 reasons that it could happen – if you have no back-up of the site in place then it can’t be restored. Web hosting companies don’t do automatic back-ups of your site as norm – so you can do it in a few different ways. The first is pay silly amounts for the company to automatically back up your site – or do it manually. To do it manually is a very long winded route – usually – now for customers who have their sites hosted at I will show you how to do it simply so that you will never be caught out and lose your website.

Just follow the steps below or ring me and I will talk you through.

Step 1

First things first. When I moved your site over to or as a new customer you would have been allocated their hosting anyway, I sent you out a word document with all of your login details. You will have a website address in the start of that word document where you login to control everything to do with your web hosting. So firstly go to : enter your username and password into the relevant boxes. The username is usually your email address associated with your account. For this example I am going to use one of my newer customers Hythe Rustic to back up their website.

This is the first screen you will see.

Back Up Your Website

Step 2

Once you have logged in you will see the following screenshot image. If you only have one account and just have hosting at 20i you will see only the hosting package – click on manage. If your domain is also with 20i – you still click on hosting package manage. If you have more than one domain name…go to the one you want to back up and always just the hosting package manage.

Back Up Your Website

Step 3

You will come to the control panel and in that first row called “Files” you will see Back up/ Restore green icon click on that….

Back Up Your Website

Step 4

The following screenshot is what you will see – you only need to concentrate on the top bit labelled Backup….you will see two boxes next to Files and one next to Databases…select them both by putting your mouse over them and clicking….

Back Up Your Website

Step 5

Once that’s done click on the black button Create Backup….it will tell you you are now waiting in a queue…dont close that browser and don’t move away from the page just wait for it to complete…it doesn’t take long….

Back Up Your Website

Step 6

Once it’s completed….you will be notified that it’s complete and you will see a new black button with Download appear….click on that….

Back Up Your Website

Step 7

The zipped file is now being downloaded to your pc. If you are a windows user that means it will go into your download folder on your computer. Give it a while to download particularly if you have a big site. Then go to your download folder….and look for the newly downloaded file…it will be in a zipped file and will look something like this one has….

Back Up Your Website

Step 8

The way I do it is to make another folder in my downloads called for instance “Hythe Rustic Website Backups” and I drop or copy the downloaded file into it…

Back Up Your Website

Step 9

Inside the “Hythe Rustic Website Backupss” folder I would then create a new folder with the date of the download – or month/year….and then move the downloaded zip files containing your website files into that….

Back Up Your Website

Step 10

You now have your website backed up on your pc.
Why should you do it?
You of course don’t have to – instead you can pay £9.99 each and every month for the web hosting company to do it for you.

This way you have a back-up – I would recommend you do it monthly and that way – should your website disappear I / We can put it back. If you dont and anything major happens – then we can’t – and there isn’t much we can do. Phone me if you need more information.

You will need to keep those back-up folders safe on your pc.

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Back Up Your Website by Chris Ryan
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