Web Design for Counsellors

web design for counsellors

Website Design for Counsellors and Therapists

We have had a growing number of counsellors and therapists as Hostcat customers recently. Whether it’s a counsellor working for themselves. A therapist setting up a new practise. An established psychotherapist who wanted a revamp of their website. We create a web design for counsellors that captures the message they want to send out.

Hostcat design websites for both professional counsellors and therapists. We are gaining a growing reputation for web design for counsellors. You want a website that’s easy to use. Both for yourself and your clients. Plainly gets your message across. Yet isn’t like one of the many counselling sites out there that are given standard templates by their designer. As well as designing your site we’ll get you listed and visible on the search engines.

Samples of Web Design for Counsellors

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counselling web design white
counselling web design woman
counselling web design responsive
design for counsellors

Counsellors Web Design

We try to make every design for counsellors and therapists unique. There are far too many templates used on therapy sites. You need to make your individual approach shine as a stand alone. If your site is the same as everyone elses then why should a client contact you.

If you want to check out our web design pedigree please browse through the rest of our site. If there is anything that you want to know if we can do that you don’t see – then please contact us.

Counselling Design Packages

We have 3 main web design packages that are perfect for your counselling / therapist website. It’s a one-off payment for design. There are no recurring charges. We become your webmasters with no further annual web design costs to pay for the service.

If you don’t already own a domain name for your site we include that as well. The first years hosting is free. After that you pay £35p per year for your hosting – a better deal than you will get anywhere else.

design for counsellors

Some of our other Web Designs for Counsellors

Please feel free to have a look at some of our other clients web designs. They are all counsellors and therapists who recently became Hostcat customers.

We have noticed a lot of other web design companies who say they specialise in web design for counsellors. A lot of them just use standard templates and add your details. Then, what looks like an inexpensive web design gets all the other hidden charges added. Before you know it you are paying good money for a website the exact same as a lot of other counselling professionals on their books. We don’t do that.

You pay a one off price with a years hosting included. For that your counselling service gets it’s own unique web design. It is optimised to get good search engine results for you. It will also be a lot less cost than what you are currently paying if you already have one of the standard template type sites.

Therapists We Design Websites for

  • Web Design for Psychotherapists.
  • Web Design for Hypnotherapists.
  • Web Design for Reflexologists.
  • Web Design for Life Coaches.
  • Web Design for Counsellors.
  • Web Design for Massage Therapists.
  • Web Design for Osteopaths.
  • Web Design for Aromatherpists.
  • Web Design for Acupuncturists.
  • Web Design for Yoga Teachers.

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Web Design for Counsellors by Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan is a professional artist and web designer in Southampton. Owner of Hostcat Web Design and Hosting.Last updated: May 24, 2018 at 21:24 pm

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