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web design for architects

Website Design for Architects

Hostcat are building a growing reputation for web design for architects in Southampton. Clean, fresh sites that showcase their services and projects to potential customers.

If you’re an architect or involved in architectural services in any way give us a call and find out what Hostcat can do for your business. You probably have a website already, but is it doing you justice? Is it getting you the results you want? or portraying your business in the correct way?

Samples of Web Design for Architects

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architects web design

Architects Web Design

We try to make every design for architects unique. There are far too many templates used on architectural service sites. You need to make your individual approach shine as a stand alone. If your site is the same as everyone elses then why should a client contact you.

If you want to check out our web design pedigree please browse through the rest of our site. If there is anything that you want to know if we can do that you don’t see – then please contact us.

architects design packages

Architects Design Packages

We have 3 main web design packages that are perfect for your architects website. It’s a one-off payment for design. There are no recurring charges. We become your webmasters with no further web design costs to pay for the service. Upload content and images when you want – it’s all part of our service.

If you don’t already own a domain name for your site we include that as well. The first years hosting is free. After that you pay £23.88p per year for your hosting – a better deal than you will get anywhere else.

Some of our other Web Designs for Architects

Please feel free to have a look at some of our other clients web designs. We also recently created the site for Perry M Jones Ltd., Architects in Harpenden.

architects in harpenden

We have noticed a lot of other web design companies who say they specialise in web design for architects. A lot of them just use standard templates and add your details. Then what looks like an inexpensive web design gets all the other hidden charges added. Before you know it you are paying good money for a website the exact same as a lot of other counselling professionals on their books. We don’t do that.

You pay a one off price with a years hosting included. For that your architectural practise gets it’s own unique web design. It is optimised to get good search engine results for you. It will also be a lot less cost than what you are currently paying if you already have one of the standard template type sites.

Building a Web Design for Architects

To put it bluntly most architects websites don’t work. What’s the main thing they want the site to produce? It’s leads. Yet the majority of their sites just don’t bring them in. Take a look at most architectural service websites and we can guide you through the reasons the sites don’t work.

architects web design mistakes

In general the layout is completely predictable. The portfolio pages are the main part of the site. A services page, an about page and a contact page. Architects are justifiably proud of their previous work and designs and want to showcase it.

The belief is that if potential browsers think architect A’s work is better than architect B’s – they will obviously go with architect A. Basically the site becomes nothing more than a brochure site. Ooffering the potential client nothing more than a physical brochure would. Architects make the mistake of focusing solely on their work.

You may think there’s nothing wrong with that. There isn’t – if all you want to do is showcase your abilities and projects it’s absolutely fine. If you want new potential customers however – it’s a different story.

website content for architects

The Mistakes are in the Content

The mistake is in the content of an architects site. Exactly the same as with most other websites that are built to capture new customers. They are too personal. A lot of time they look like they are designed for other architects to look at. A case of look what I can do.

Although your work is probably great – visitors don’t care that much about you. They don’t care where you went to school, what your awards are. They are there for themselves. For their own needs and wants. They are just looking for an architect they like and trust who can take care of their project.

Making an Architects Website Design Work

How do you become that architect who gets the customers? You make your website work. You make it a source of education. Not in a personal way. Not in a boring “I know best about everything” way. Useful content that gives them the real reasons to trust you know what you are doing. Content that helps them – helps them to become your customer.

If you are targetting “architects in southampton” great, but also target everyone looking at architects sites and services, related subjects as well. If they land and engage with your content. These are the people who will become your customers. It takes work though – but the rewards it brings you would normally pay a fortune in advertising to achieve.

The Correct Web Design for Architects Websites

1. Get the visitors to your website. Use all the social media outlets to their best advantage. Network through linkedin and every means at your disposal. Promote and advertise your site with every directory and wherever you possibly can. Make sure the site is high in search engines by having it optimised by a web design company such as Hostcat. Who can actually deliver the seo work not just promise it.

2. Fill your site with content. Put content on the website that actually is what your visitors are interested in and are looking for. Even if they don’t know it beforehand. Create blog posts on your site…articles and features on everything connected with the architectural service you offer. Articles about building costs….about buildings insurance. How to chose the right builder. Yes you keep your architects portfolio – but the focus shifts to the content you place that will engage and keep your visitors on your site.

3. Interract with your visitors. Get that interraction going. Produce a monthly newsletter with articles that will interest them. Links to your social media sites so they can engage with you on them. Let them see the human side.

Step outside of having an architects brochure site. Get a web design for architects that actually works for them. Speak to us about it.

chris ryan web designer

Web Design for Architects by Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan is a professional artist and web designer in Southampton. Owner of Hostcat Web Design and Hosting.Last updated: May 28, 2018 at 15:00 pm

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