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Web Host at Hostcat in Southampton

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I originally became involved with hosting in 2004. I was fed up of having my websites hosted with companies who were difficult to contact when I needed help.

When I did make contact they spoke as if they were aliens.

I did try a couple out as well. So it wasn’t like I settled on the first web host I came across. I think th every first one was a free host – topcities.com. Not a good experience. The second sold me a package then because my traffic increased – instead of telling me, they just shut off my site.

Neptune Web Hosting

Expecting their customers to have more knowledge of the technical aspects than I did at the time. I decided to do something about it and launched my own hosting company as Neptune Web Hosting.

At the time you got high rankings in the search engines for the more links you had pointing to your http://www.honeytraveler.com/pharmacy/ website from other sites. So over a 6 month period I gained 10,000 links to my site. Damn hard work but I was on a mission. The result was I actually gained the 5th position on page 1 of google. For the search term web hosting. Not a bad result seeing as the competition were the heavy playing web hosting companies of the time.

It worked well and was the perfect vehicle to offer web hosting inhouse to my own web design clients. I have now launched HostCat incorporating my web design work. Now we can offer the full range of hosting and design services to our clients.

As well as having powerful servers and back-up should things go wrong. I feel a good web host needs to have personal as well as technical experience of the whole industry. I feel I’ve worn the t-shirt on that one. I know what I expect from a good hosting company, and I try to give that to my customers.


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Chris Ryan is a professional artist and web designer in Southampton. Owner of Hostcat Web Design and Hosting.Last updated: May 28, 2018 at 10:58 am

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Hostcat is a Southampton web design and web development company.

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