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Web Designer in Southampton
I started working as a web designer by accident – it certainly wasn’t by design. I had worked as a computer graphics artist in the late 80′s so was familiar with graphics packages back then. I actually didn’t own or use a computer after that until the year 2000.Becoming a Web Designer certainly wasn’t something I was looking to do. I thought you had to be a technical whiz kid – which i wasn’t.

Web Designer at HostCat in Southampton

Accident or Designer

Accident or Design

I was living with a partner at the time who needed a computer as he was going back to uni to study for a degree. Basically he needed one for typing up assignments as well as using the internet. Up until that point I had always said I wasn’t interested in computers anymore. Certainly not in the internet. Until that first Hewlett Packard arrived from PC world. From the minute it arrived my partner didn’t get a look-in. I was in love with it!

Showing My Etchings

I decided I wanted a website to put my artwork on and display it. That was how the addiction started. I started off using some free serif software that basically just a drag and drop type software. I did have a look at pages of Html and for someone like me who hated languages at school – this looked worse. It looked like heiroglyphics and I knw straight away I would never touch it. 6 months later i was codeing in Html like a good’un lol.

My first website was getting visitors but not enough. Everything at the time I read up on to get more visitors stressed the importance of getting found in the search engines. Primarily in Google. The way to do that was through linking. Getting another website to add a link to yours from their site.

Once I found that out I went to work on optimisation proper and within 6 more months had over 10,000 websites linking to my site. At the time I was coming up as No.1 on Google for nearly every search term you could think of. The site was getting noticed. So much so that a number of companies offered me money to let them advertise their services on my art site – I agreed.

Web Designer

Over the next years I built a number of other websites for myself and started as a web designer for other peoplpe. I learnt avidly about every aspect of web design that I could. I started to get a good reputation for fast and attractive designs that also stood up to good searcg engine practices. I was a web designer.

From then on the artwork took a second seat and I have pretty much kept the love affair with the computer/designing and the internet ever since.

A lot has changed in the web designer field and it’s important to constantly keep up to date. Luckily I am quite an obsessive person so that isn’t a hardship! I am guessing I have put together over 1,000 web sites and look forward to the next 1,000 whether they are built using the new range of content management systems or good old fashioned “grass root design”!

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Web Designer by Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan is a professional artist and web designer in Southampton. Owner of Hostcat Web Design and Hosting.Last updated: May 28, 2018 at 11:02 am

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