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murals in bournemouth

Mural Painter or Michaelangelo?

Mural Painter Chris Ryan!

I’ve been commissioned to do a few murals over the years. I have to admit because of the time, and work involved – would rarely do another one. Unless I was very passionate about committing myself to it.

Probably the most memorable one I did was on the ceiling of the Exchange pub at the Triangle in Bournemouth in 1997.

I think I thought I was Michaelangelo. They were going to provide scaffolding for me to work on and it should have been a 6 weeks job. Instead of that I did the whole thing balanced on the top of a rickety ladder during opening hours. Also when they were closed.

Mural Painter by Commission

Mural Painter by commission

The floorboards in the bar weren’t great so every time someone walked past the ladder shook. I painted on the worst surfaces imaginable, exposed brickwork, uneven walls, and a job that should have taken 6 weeks ended up taking 3 months.

The commission was very much to their brief – naked guys in a sauna and lots of sexual scenes. The saddest part was that about 2 weeks after I had finished it they had so many complaints from members of the public. They could actually see the shennanigans on their ceiling from the pub window as they walked past. That the council made them cover it up ;(…one thing for sure though I will never forget doing it. Must admit I did have a great time doing it, even though the public exposure was very short-lived.

Mural Painter

Murals on Bournemouth Hotel Walls

I also did murals for a few of the Bournemouth hotels including an Edwardian beach scene all around the restaurant walls of the Liston hotel near Boscombe cliff tops. Then watched as the hotel owner suggested clouds across the ceiling. Promptly he opened a can of car spray paint in front of me and sprayed it directly onto the ceiling to show me how it might work.

The spray also went onto a large portion of some completed figures I had just painted on the walls. Another memorable mural lol. As I said labours of love – but, not something I would undertake lightly again.

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Mural Painter in Bournemouth by Chris Ryan
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