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Gay Art by Artist Chris Ryan in Southampton

Appreciating the male body in art! Welcome to my Gay Artworks page. I consider myself an artist rather than gay artist, but I have done a lot of specifically gay artworks.

It seems strange even calling them Gay Artworks in 2013. Artworks of a homoerotic nature is probably better. Either way I’ve done a lot of them over the years. Created in every artistic medium too. From watercolours to computer graphic generated imagery. There are a lot of brilliant lesbian and homosexual artists out there, and whilst I don’t belong in that class. I enjoy what I create. I was never destined to be a Pablo Picasso type stature.

gay artworks

Gay Artist

I didn’t really set out to paint men with their “bits” hanging out in order to shock or titilate people. I just always admired their bodies. Possibly one of the things about being gay I guess. It sort of goes with the territory. Men and bodies I mean.

So painting men and muscles just came naturally for me. I wasn’t after a realistic approach in my work. That would be boring. No unrealistis musculature and exaggerated proportions were the way to go for me.

I remember my art teacher at school saying my paintings weren’t realistic. He missed the point entirely. They were never meant to be.

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Appreciation of the Male Body

As Tom of Finland had always been a favourite artist of mine it steered me to the more stylised unrealistic versions of men in my work. I didn’t admire his politics or nazi idealism of the perfect man.

Definitely not his overt racial stereotyping. Yet I understood his sexual fantasies behind the drawings.

I think the main reason so many people wanted images of sexualised male paintings is it wasn’t so easy to get them when I started doing it. AIDS was rearing it’s head and the climate towards gay lifestyles was very different at that time.

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Painting Gay Artworks

In the straight world there were tons of paintings of nude women about. Painting gay artworks has always just been another extension of “things” I enjoyed painting. It was not me making a statement. So instead of drawing women with their breasts hanging out…I chose to draw men with other parts of their anatomy hanging out.

At one time I gave away over 100 paintings that were cluttering up my art room in my flat in Bournemouth. To be sold at a charirty event for the Terence Higgins Trust. So in the late 90s there were a lot of gay men in Bournemouth with one of my paintings on their walls.

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Own a Gay Artwork

Over the years I’ve painted a vast collection of homoerotic gay artwork. Most of that collection has been commissioned and purchased by individual collectors.

If you want to commission a piece yourself . Or purchase a gay artwork from my collection. I will be happy to assist you with images that will fit whatever end plan you have for them.

Just use the Contact page to send me an email and I will get back to you. Try and let me know exactly what you want and I will give you a reasonable price to do it.

Gay Vector Painting

gay vector

Gay Footballers

gay footballers

Gay Beach Bum

gay Beach bum

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Gay Artworks by Chris Ryan
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